The Gundies Philanthropic Award

John and Rebekah Lovell

The Gundies have always been about bringing the industry together and recognizing people who have done exceptional things in our community. The Gundies Philanthropic Award is given to an individual who has demonstrated selflessness in giving back to the community. 

This year the Gundies chose to recognize someone who is not only a positive influence within our community, but is also using their business to help others. It has been a difficult few years for many and with the media seemingly solely focused on the negative we want to shine a light on those in our community doing good.

This year's Philanthropic Award goes to John and Rebekah Lovell of Warrior Poet Society for their years of service to the community, support of the Second Amendment, and charitable giving. The Gundie Awards recognizes John and Rebekah’s commitment to integrity, compassion, and their exemplary example of what it means to be a patriot and a protector.