Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the Gundie Awards?

    The Gundie Awards are the firearm community's Voter Choice Awards. For the 3rd year running, support your favorite creators by voting for them throughout the month of January. Each vote enters you into the Grand Prize trip to DriveTanks.com on February 19th for the Gundies Range Day & Ceremony!


  • Why do The Gundies exist?

    The Gundies was created to bring our community together. To show our support for the content creators in our community both big and small. Show them your support with each vote.


  • How do I vote?

    Voting will begin on JANUARY 1ST, 2022. Voting is simple.

    1. Sign into Thegundies.com

    2. Pick a category & then pick your favorite content creator.

    3. Click the vote button and you're done!

    4. You can do this up to 15 times per day.


  • How long does voting last?

    Voting begins January 1st, 2022 and ends January 31st, 2022. 


  • How many times a day can I vote?

    You can vote once per day, per category. This means you can vote 15 total times per day throughout the voting period.


  • What do I get for voting?

    Each category is sponsored by one company. That sponsor will provide a grand prize for one of our voters in that category. You are automatically entered to win when you vote in that category. Each vote you make in that category is one (1) entry towards that prize.

    There will be one (1) grand prize winner in each of the 15 categories. The more you vote, the bigger your chances of winning!


  • Who decides the award winners?

    You do. The winner will be the content creator who receives the most votes in their category.


  • Can I nominate someone?

    Yes! You can make a recommendation on who you think deserves to be nominated at www.theGundies.com/Nominate.

    *Note* Nominating an influencer is not a guarantee that they will be in the final voting, all contenders must meet our guidelines to be included in the voting.

  • What makes a Content Creators Eligible to be Nominated?

    We look for a few things when deciding if a content creator should be nominated in a category.

    1. Do they fit a category? This is rather self-explanatory, we are looking for content creators that fit within one of our 15 categories. Now, we're well aware that there are some incredible creators who don't necessarily fit in one of these categories. As the Gundies grow we hope to add more categories in the future to include these creators.

    2. Following/Audience Size: We want to spotlight creators of all sizes but we do have a minimum requirement to be listed in the voting.

    3. Commitment to their Craft: The Gundies is about celebrating creators who are committed to consistently putting out quality content. This can take many shapes but ultimately they need to be an active member of the firearms & outdoors community.