Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the Gundie Awards?

    The Gundie Awards are the firearm community’s voter choice awards. They’re your opportunity to make your voice heard, and vote for your favorite creators to be recognized.

    Nominate your favorite creators in the firearm and outdoor industries. Vote in each of the 15 categories, and watch the Gundies Ceremony to see the winners announced.


  • Why do The Gundies exist?

    The Gundies were created to bring the firearms community together with a little lighthearted competition. Our goal is to showcase creators who have reached the top of their game, and spotlight up and coming talent in the community.


  • How do I vote?

    Voting Begins December 1st, 2023

    1. Sign into Thegundies.com 

    2. Pick a category & then pick your favorite content creator. 

    3. Click the vote button and you're done!

    4. You can vote once per day in each category.

  • How long does voting last?

    Voting runs for two weeks, from DECEMBER 1st to DECEMBER 15th, 2023.

  • How many times a day can I vote?

    You can vote in each category once per day. This means you can vote 15 total times per day, every day throughout the voting period.

  • What do I get for voting?

    Each Category has a prize donated by one of our incredible sponsors. Every time you vote in a category you are automatically entered to win that category’s prize. The more you vote the higher your chances of winning

  • Who decides the award winners?

    You do! The Gundie Awards are voter choice. At the end of voting, whichever nominee has the most votes in their category wins

  • Can I nominate someone?

    Yes! You can nominate someone HERE.

    The nomination period runs from October 1st through October 31st, 2023.


    *Disclaimer* Nominating an influencer is not a guarantee that they will be in the final voting, all contenders must meet our guidelines to be included in the voting. Only the top 20 nominees for each category will be included in the voting.


  • What makes a nominee eligible to be included in the voting?

    Every year we receive thousands of unique nomination submissions, and as much as we’d like to, it’s simply impossible to include all of them in the voting. So here are the guidelines we look at when determining who makes the final cut.

    1. Appropriate Industry

    Nominees need to be a part of the firearms and outdoors industry and community, and ideally they should be a good fit for at least one of the categories. We know there are a lot of amazing creators out there, but they don’t all fit into the current theme and scope of the Gundies. As the event grows we hope to add more categories to include these people.

    1. Audience Size

    We want to spotlight creators of various sizes, however, there are a limited number of spots in each category, so there is a minimum requirement in audience size.


    Subscriber count isn’t everything. We consider recent viewership numbers, and views in relation to account size. 

    1. Commitment

    At the Gundies, we want to celebrate creators that are committed to putting out consistent, quality content, and are active members of the firearms and outdoors community.

    1. Number of Nominations

    The number of nomination submissions a creator receives from different people is a big consideration as it helps us see how active and loyal their audience & community is. 

  • Can I come to the awards ceremony?

    At this time the Gundie Awards is a Private Invite Only Event. Invitations are reserved for eligible nominees, and professionals in the firearms and outdoors industries.