The Jerry Miculek Achievement Award

Jerry Miculek is a World Champion speed & competitive shooter. Throughout his career, Jerry has carried himself with integrity and has been a staple of what all Americans should strive to be. Never wavering in his support of the next generation of gun owners, Jerry has dedicated his life to sharing the joys of shooting with as many people as he can. 

The Jerry Miculek Achievement Award is an award given out by Jerry himself to one individual who has been an exemplary pinnacle in the gun community. Hand picked by Jerry, this individual must hold dear the values of the second amendment and the constitution as well as carry themselves with integrity and reflect the values that all gun owners should hold true.

In 2021, Dianna Muller was presented the Jerry Miculek Achievement Award for her incredible work with the DC Project and their commitment to the fight for 2A rights.

The winner will be announced on the livestream at the Gundie Awards ceremony on February 19th, 2022.