Image by Gun Girl Jen

Gun Girl Jen

Nominated for
Best Shooter
Most Influential Female of the Year
Ohio, USA

I absolutely love shooting sports and hunting. I take pride in training new or experienced shooters. I enjoy helping people receive their concealed carry permits and knowing I possibly helped them from becoming a victim. I plan to further my education in firearms, experience and continue to be active in the NRA. I take great pleasure in sharing my knowledge of fitness, hunting and outdoors, and learning from others. I am very proud to shoot for and represent many high quality brands.

We have military grade firearms simulators and invite women of all ages to come into our trailer, and shoot with us under NRA Instructor supervision. We teach them the NRA rules for safe gun handling, and help them to get on target in a safe controlled environment. We are women helping women. Our mission is to grow the number of women in shooting sports by empowering them with confidence